feelings, disparate mannequin,
slip on the verge of panic at the (l−1)th layer,
your back-propagated face like a halo I tap,
simpering, to some local optimum, to
some phrenological spike in my midriff,
where the peak risk is optimised,
and the cruelties burst from the shock flare,
my shattered skull is picked to crunch,
I feel it real deep,
or I see you again.

from sklearn.preprocess input
one hopeless auto-abolition protocol, that
Function where sk = StandardScaler
for any Limerent_Object(x)
        all scale is lost, my day absorbed by
        a technical function
        hardcoded blankly to my
        Dasein ’til the uptick in serotonin
        is soldered like
circuitry.your_face, to my chain,
So I circulate back, and any
sk.transform is oblique, or that any sk at all is you,
except that one

now and forever
crush any number
my body knows a calculus
I can’t surmise
big and sad

I get up in the middle of the night
everything is increasingly bad
that’s not my best line but it is the clearest
every limerent has their neural weights stamped on them in the bad days
each Limerent.Object slips to conjure dopamine on a gravity slope and I plummet,
like a razor in the bad nights
if y:
    to x
if sk:
    To death
comment: #which is you, I assert, in that indissoluble moment
don’t get it twisted
though in rented bathic flesh:
on our voided strip of charged-up fake,
for any n under the sun,
there is, glibly, I announce, an ‘us’ to make.