I want to be fucked like this/this is how the fucking should happen:
There are n players in darkened space with single pool of light as middle, cameras abound, they wear black earpieces. Apart from a strap-on dildo for each person without a flesh-dildo or also optional strap-on for those with flesh-cocks, everyone is wearing tight black clothes to cover their holes, they are in a circle. The pool of light is surrounded by the people - they are facing, but not certainly looking at these others, it’s unimportant. This is the space the cameras face too. Some only clip it, some are arranged like they would have been if this had been written in the 60s. Dildos are not to obstruct orifices.

Some (cameras) look at this centre circle directly, from above, from the floor level, from 30-40 centimetres up, and from just at the edge of the circle, facing in. In the final mixdown the cuts between cameras obey the logic of a high dimensional curve of cuts, like the positions of limbs and the penetration of orifices, and the touching of skin in various articulations on flesh - whoever’s. There are also microphones - clipped onto the necks of players, and spaced around the room similarly to the cameras, but not in the same positions as them. A diagram will be attached.

Each orifice, body part, several degrees of penetration, all kinds of touch and all emotional comportment is controlled by a curve generated at the beginning of the game and distributed in real time as a set of instructions by a computer. Like: 28 seconds in you received from your earpiece, "find a mouth and shallowly penetrate at n2BPM with the ring finger of your right hand in an indifferent manner.” Simultaneously, but quieter, continuous readouts of other parameters and their distances from unnamed thresholds, a which the instruction will be modified again, to for example, "find a mouth and shallowly penetrate at 2BPM with the ring finger of your left and right hands in an indifferent manner.”

If it’s an app, the curves will come from the app. If it’s a video, the curves comes from the app and go onto the surface of the video as an HUD so that the transitions are fully comprehensible. If it’s an erotic story the curve is graphed on the lower part of the screen and the parameters, with thresholds, enumerated.  The slow tick of a coefficient northwards or southwards along its dimension to a threshold is the sight of the erotic. When you see it, feel its inexorable movement, its glacial heat.

Everything is slow but penetration.

* Here are the orifices: mouth, anus, vagina, ears, nose, the clenched right hand, left hand, urethra, and none (any flat expanse of skin can be an orifice, used right, any empty cube of air is an orifice into which you can demonstrate potency. All that is irrelevant.) All of these are covered with the same black fabric. The rest of the body is visible.

* Here are the parts of the body: mouth, face, hair, shoulders, lower back, vagina, anus, testicles, toes, chest, thighs (inner), thighs (outer), buttocks, penis. The stochastic hierarchisation of these parts is decided at the top of the game and is some recognisable transformation in relation to the frequency with which erogenous zones are employed in the conventional sex and masturbation of the players, on an individual basis. This will require sensors to be attached to you for the preceding week. The transformations are like those that tone rows undergo in integral serialism, with the dimension of transposition mapped onto the radial dimension of core and outer

* Here are the degrees of penetration: not-touching, at the surface, 1/3, 2/3, full

* Here are the kinds of touch: hard and fast and rhythmic, hard and fast and arrhythmic, hard and slow, soft and fast and rhythmic, soft and fast and arrhythmic, soft and slow and rhythmic.

* Here are the dildos: right hand fingers 1-5, left hand fingers 1-5, penis, an dildo, tongue, the nose, the chin, the elbow, the puffed out cheek with a tongue poking into the flesh from behind.

* Here is the range of speeds: 1BPM - 500BPM

* Here are the range of acceptable emotional comportments: complete altruism, altruism as self interest, indifference, self interest as generosity, complete self interest

All orifices, when they are selected are uncovered by the person about to penetrate them. This movement is fresh and to the point. After another command has been receive, and penetration ends, the orifices is recovered.

There are as many curves as there are players, and so for everyone a different collection of instructions results, go from the computer to the earpieces, and are obeyed.  It’s like twister but you don’t win, or loose, you don’t fall over unless you get told to. If it’s an app, the bodies are your own. Get some friends together and play.

In the construction of the algorithm for the curves, attention should be paid to the total choreographic arrangement of bodies, and the elegance of the maximisation of variety over the span of the game. This will happen. Other than this, you are free to think whatever you like. Don’t make any sounds or communicate outside of the instructions. Pleasure and ejaculation are byproducts that may or may not occur. They have no effect on the carrying through of the game. Do not adjust your behaviour.

Here is a sample list of camera cuts in real time.

Camera 1

Camera 2

Camera 1

Camera 4

Camera 3

Camera 2

Camera and so on

After a period of 12 minutes, martial artists join in. They will be dressed in white, their uniform, and have free-reign over their own actions. They can pin at will, contort the bodies of other players at will, and fuck at will, but they don’t have to. Possible pins and locks include: hands over the head, get them on the floor, curled into a ball, legs over the head.

Props, the machinery and the counters of a 1950s kitchen are brought it quietly, out of shot. During this period the original players will begin receiving instructions to leave the space. They do, covering over their orifices and quietly getting dressed. They leave and do not communicate with anyone else involved for the next 24 hours. When three of the players have left, one of the martial artists must leave as well. They also get dressed into their normal clothes and leave the space. When six have left, another one, and so on, so the ratio of 3:1 is maintained. They do not communicate with anyone involved for 24 hours.

As the last quartet is leaving, a housewife appears - she is wearing a red flowery dress in the same colour as the beautifully assembled kitchen. She goes to the counter and starts cooking. Blackout.